How to Get Rid of smelly Feet Permanently

with One Simple Safe Treatment

This is the Best Foot Powder for Sweaty Feet! Why This is the Last Foot Powder You Will Ever Need

  • Eliminates foot odor for at least six months.
  • The podiatrist recommended foot deodorant powder.
  • Safe for sensitive skin. Made with pure, natural ingredients, with no perfumes or bulking agents.
  • Aluminum-free and made in the USA.
  • One tube will treat up to three pairs of shoes for six months.
  • Convenient size tube fits in a purse, gym bag, sports bag, or in glove box of your car.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Feet Permanently

“Most people with chronic foot odor problems have grown to think that it is just an unpleasant fact of life for them and those around them because they have tried everything in the supermarket without success. It’s true; nothing you can buy in traditional stores addresses the core problem: odor-forming bacteria. They all just try to absorb or cover up the smell with charcoal or scents.

This product is revolutionarily different – it KILLS the bacteria that cause foot odor.

Therefore, it eliminates (not just suppresses) foot odor, and it truly lasts for several months per application.

Before I found On Your Toes, I had a constant battle with foot odor; now I (and everyone I have shared the secret with) have been foot-odor-free for years. Thank you!”

 – John V. San Diego, CA

Who Is this For?

If you’re tired of embarrassing feet or shoe odor problems. If you’ve had to throw away perfectly good shoes because of the funky smell.  If you get teased by others over the gross smell coming from your feet. If you’ve tried everything you can buy, without results. This is for you.





Clinical Issues

Hikers or Climbers

How Does It Work?

With its safe and natural, unique microfine odor eliminating formula, On Your Toes, foot deodorant powder, absorbs into the pores of the feet and in the fabric of your footwear to prevent further bacterial growth for a maximum of six months!

Simple 3-Step Foot Odor Treatment

Step 1 shower-time

Step 1

Apply a capful of foot deodorant powder to the feet once a day for three days, preferrable after bathing or at bedtime.

Step 2

Pour TWO capfuls of the foot deodorant powder into each shoe. Cover the opening to prevent spilling and shake vigorously.

Step 3

On Your Toes will actively kill the bacteria in the footwear for up to SIX months.

Stop wasting money on grocery store products that don’t work!

Get the best foot powder for smelly feet.

I have been buying sprays, powders, topicals, to no avail. Enter On Your Toes! Holy cow, but it does work! I’m on my second order (too many shoes), and have shared it as well. I’m very happy to have stumbled across this product!

This is the Best Powder for Smelly Shoes. Don’t Throw Away Another Pair of Shoes!

An awesome pair of leather DCs that are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, the furry inside was a haven for bacteria. I could barely stand to wear them any more because by the end of the day they stunk so bad it would taint whatever room I took them off in for the entire next day. So, they’ve been in storage for a year or so.

This stuff – OH MY AWESOME! Just like the instructions said, 3 caps of the powder and you’re golden for months. I’ve been wearing my DCs for a few weeks now and they smell like roses. I’m wearing them now. I will never mess around with any other products.”

How to Stop Foot Odor; This Might Save Your Marriage!

“I am a very active person and I am involved in various sports and anything else outdoors you can think of. Naturally, my feet sweat a lot and my shoes don’t exactly smell like roses with all of the activity I put them through.

I was sitting on the couch one night and when my wife got up to go to the other room because of the smell of my feet. I knew I had to do something more than Dr. Scholl’s, so I thought I’d give “On Your Toes” a shot, what did I have to lose?

I was desperate to find a cure to my foot odor so my wife would stay with me 😉. OH MY WORD…Not only did this product work, but I dare say it works instantaneously. I put the cap of powder into my worst smelling pair of shoes and within seconds I could put my nose entirely in the shoe, take in a deep breath and not pass out, they smelled like the day I brought them home.

This needs to be a staple product for any athlete’s bag or home with kids. MUST BUY! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product.”

“No More Smelly Feet” Guarantee

We’re so confident On Your Toes, the best product for smelly feet & shoes, will last at least SIX months, we’ll gladly refund you money with your proof of purchase if it doesn’t!

We haven’t had to refund anyone yet!

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