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Worth its weight in gold! the best foot odor powder

“This stuff is worth its weight in gold. I have the absolute worst foot-funk smell imaginable. Seriously, a laboratory could probably weaponize the smell. One application of this stuff, and within a couple of days the odor is GONE. Yes, GONE!! For months! I’m pretty hard on my boots, so I usually only get about 9 months out of a pair, so I put in one initial application when I get new boots, then 5 to 6 months later they start stinking again. Another application and poof! Gone! It absolutely destroys the odor. No more washing my feet with boiling gasoline. It’s great. Definitely 6 stars out of 5.”

Finally Gave me Normal smelling feet! the best foot powder for smelly feet!

“I have gross sweaty feet. The smell is awful. Hyperhidrosis sucks. I’ve tried so many sprays that barely did anything. Natural ones and mega chemicals only made things tolerable in between machine washing shoes that 100% should not have been machine washed and dried like I did, but I was desperate.

This powder finally gave me normal smelling feet. It definitely dried out my feet at first, which I consider a very small price to pay. I haven’t been using this long, but I don’t care if it doesn’t last as long as it claims. For how happy I am, I would use it every week if I had to. It’s a little messy, but like I said, it feels like a small price to pay. Go ahead and try it. It’s worth a shot, and I’m glad I did.”

Eliminate Odor! How to stop foot Order fast!

“Fantastic stuff. It really does eliminate odor!”

Tackles the root cause - BACTERIA- and gets rid of smelly feet permanently!

“My feet used to stink, putting me in various embarrassing situations in the past. I have been a life-long fan of boat shoes – and the correct way to wear boat shoes is to wear them sockless. And boy, after a few weeks of wearing any new pair of shoes, the odor quickly manifested and continuously haunted me, so much to the extent that I did not dare to take them out while being in the car with other people. I had tried various methods, from stuffing my shoes with newspaper after each use, to putting them in the freezer; all to no avail. Options like cleaning the insoles weekly, and scrubbing my feet every day were such a hassle, and did not seem to tackle the root of the problem – BACTERIA!

On Your Toes works by killing the very cause of the smell, which is the annoying bacteria. I had my feet completely odor free after 3 days of usage.

Thoroughly apply the powder all over your feet and evenly on the soles, do not forget the area in between your toes and you will notice a tremendous difference. It worked for me, someone who has struggled the problem of stinking feet for years.”

Foot odor treatment works almost immediately

“Got rid of the foot odor almost immediately.”

This foot deodorant powder really works!

“This really works. Great stuff.”

This is the best foot powder for smelly shoes. life changing, miracle!

“I have never written a review calling a product life changing or a miracle, but this is. I have always had problems with foot odors, since I was a kid, despite washing my feet 1 to 2 times per day. I got my first pair of really expensive LaDuca dance shoes and was dreading ruining them. Tried this the first time I wore the shoes and for several days after, applying with a makeup brush. My shoes never smelled, my feet stopped smelling, and the benefits lasted for YEARS before I had to apply it again. Seriously, amazing. I don’t dread taking my shoes off in front of others anymore. Years later, my LaDucas are odor free.”

How to stop foot odor; this might save your marriage

“I am a very active person and I am involved in various sports and anything else outdoors you can think of. Naturally, my feet sweat a lot and my shoes don’t exactly smell like roses with all of the activity I put them through.

I was sitting on the couch one night and when my wife got up to go to the other room because of the smell of my feet. I knew I had to do something more than Dr. Scholl’s, so I thought I’d give “On Your Toes” a shot, what did I have to lose?

I was desperate to find a cure to my foot odor so my wife would stay with me 😉. OH MY WORD…Not only did this product work, but I dare say it works instantaneously. I put the cap of powder into my worst-smelling pair of shoes and within seconds I could put my nose entirely in the shoe, take in a deep breath and not pass out, they smelled like the day I brought them home.

This needs to be a staple product for any athlete’s bag or home with kids. MUST BUY! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product.”

Foot odor treatment saved my car from stinking after basketball

“My son has very smelly feet. When he gets in the car after basketball within a minute the car smells. This powder works wonders! Sprinkle some in their shoes and now you can ride in the car together again.”

Save countless pairs of shoes with a simple treatment of powder for smelly shoes

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had a problem with foot odor – even in the winter while wearing socks and boots the problem could rear its ugly head a bit but of course never as bad as in the spring and summer months when I would not wear socks.

I have thrown out countless pairs of shoes that I tried to “revive” by washing or buy using other products.

I will not put on a new pair of shoes without using this stuff and I will not go without treating my feet with it because the combination of the two works like a dream.

For me personally I do not get six months of odor protection – only a bit over 5 months which is perfectly fine.

Works like a charm and no more waste! If you have problems with foot odor this seriously is a MUST HAVE.”

Where has this foot deodorant powder been all my life?

“Here’s a product that really does what it says in the description! I’m very skeptical. I’ve bought countless foot powders that work temporarily but never lasting more than a few days. The horrible stench keeps coming back. If you’re someone who suffers from excessive sweating and horrible foot odor, then don’t look elsewhere. Your search ends here! This is the magical powder that works!!!

there is hope! this foot and shoe powder works!

“My son, who is now 25 years old, has had sweaty, incredibly stinky feet for years. We have tried everything from Epsom salt soaks, hydrogen peroxide, all sorts of antifungals, apple cider vinegar, shoe dryer, changing shoes, buying new shoes, constantly buying new socks, bleaching socks…the list goes on and on. His feet were always pitted and had a thick layer of what looked like dead skin. The smell was so horrible he could stink up the entire house! We had to keep his shoes in the dryer in the garage (which stunk) and his socks went directly into a bucket of bleach water after he took them off. His feet stink embedded the carpet and ever the wood floor.

I bought 3 (to get free shipping). He tried it once and said his feet felt better at the end of the day. When he took his shoes off the stink had diminished and his feet didn’t have that wet, white, thick dead skin look to them. The powder still showed on his feet like it had dried them. His father and I are both incredibly excited that this is going to work. The poor guy couldn’t take his shoes off anywhere. There is hope! Halleluia!!!”

This is how to stop foot odor without fear of offending strangers around you up to 100 feet away!

“After researching this product, I honestly felt compelled to write a review. Here’s why:

Almost 95% of the current reviews are glowing; which in theory is great. It led me to believe something was off – that the company selling On Your Toes was bombing amazon with positive reviews. This is NOT the case.

Prior to six months ago, I never really had an issue with foot odor. I bought a pair of Sperry Top Siders, which almost instantaneously turned my feet into stink factories. I bleached the soles. I trashed the soles. Bought new shoes, and conveniently transferred the smell to them.

I took the liberty of applying close to one whole bottle over 3 pairs of shoes. I followed the directions. After 3 to 4 days, the smell was gone. So much so, I can now wear the previously sullied Sperry Top Siders without fear of offending strangers up to 100 feet away!

Follow the directions, buy a two-pack of On Your Toes, and you will not regret it.”

After soccer practice now...foot deodorant power ends the putrid smell immediately!

Fan-frickin-tastic. A simply miraculous product. My seven year old’s feet and shoes were a horrendously stinky mess. To the point that you couldn’t even sit in the same room with him after the end of the day if he took his shoes off. And after soccer practice? Those cleats and socks were lethal. Even after a good scrubbing in the bathtub you could STILL smell his feet.

We tried lots of powders and washings and all that for his shoes to no avail. We are only on the second day of the foot treatment but after one night and adding the powder to his cleats, I actually picked up his cleats and didn’t gag. The putrid-ness that was is gone. I wholeheartedly endorse this product!”

Save your shoes by getting rid of stink instead! This is the best powder for smelly shoes.

“An awesome pair of leather DCs that are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, the furry inside was a haven for bacteria. I could barely stand to wear them anymore because by the end of the day they stunk so bad it would taint whatever room I took them off in for the entire next day. So, they’ve been in storage for a year or so.

This stuff – OH MY AWESOME! Just like the instructions said, 3 caps of the powder and you’re golden for months. I’ve been wearing my DCs for a few weeks now and they smell like roses. I’m wearing them now. I will never mess around with any other products.”

The embarrassment is gone...this foot odor treatment really worked!

“This stuff really works for me! I’m so happy! I usually come home from work with sweaty feet that produces some odor. It bothered me so much especially when I go to my friend’s house after work and I take off my shoes. It was so embarrassing…this thing really worked. I’ve used it for 3 days at night and today is my 4th day I just go home from work and smelled my feet and socks and no smell!”