Banish Sweaty Feet & Smelly Shoes for Six Months

with One Simple Safe Treatment

Who Is this For?

Anyone who has foul-smelling, sweaty feet or smelly shoes.





Clinical Issues

Hikers or Climbers

How the Foot Odor Treatment Works

With its unique microfine odor eliminating formula, On Your Toes, foot deodorant powder, absorbs into the pores of the feet and in the fabric of your footwear to prevent further bacterial growth for a maximum of six months!

How To Use Foot Odor Treatment

Step 1 shower-time

Step 1

Apply a capful of foot deodorant powder to the feet once a day for three days, preferrable after bathing or at bedtime.

Step 2

Pour TWO capfuls of the foot deodorant powder into each shoe. Cover the opening to prevent spilling and shake vigorously.

Step 3

On Your Toes will actively kill the bacteria in the footwear for up to SIX months.

Note: If you wear the same footwear daily, double the dose of powder in the footwear.

Why This is the Best Foot Powder for Sweaty Feet!

  • Eliminates foot odor for at least six months.
  • The podiatrist recommended foot deodorant powder.
  • Safe for sensitive skin. Made with pure, natural ingredients, with no perfumes or bulking agents.
  • Aluminum-free and made in the USA.
  • One tube will treat up to three pairs of shoes for six months.
  • Convenient size tube fits in a purse, gym bag, sports bag, or in glove box of your car.

End the Embarrassment of Taking off Your Shoes around Others!

This is How to Stop foot odor for good!

“This stuff really works for me! I’m so happy! I usually come home from work with sweaty feet that produces some odor. It bothered me so much especially when I go to my friend’s house after work and I take off my shoes. It was so embarrassing…this thing really worked. I’ve used it for 3 days at night and today is my 4th day I just go home from work and smelled my feet and socks and no smell!”

This is how to get rid of smelly feet permanently! it kills the root cause of the stench - BACTERIA!

My feet used to stink, putting me in various embarrassing situations in the past. I have been a lifelong fan of boat shoes – and the correct way to wear boat shoes is to wear them sockless. And boy, after a few weeks of wearing any new pair of shoes, the odor quickly manifested and continuously haunted me, so much to the extent that I did not dare to take them out while being in the car with other people. I had tried various methods, from stuffing my shoes with newspaper after each use, to putting them in the freezer; all to no avail. Options like cleaning the insoles weekly, and scrubbing my feet every day were such a hassle, and did not seem to tackle the root of the problem – BACTERIA!

On Your Toes works by killing the very cause of the smell, which is the annoying bacteria. I had my feet completely odor-free after 3 days of usage.

Thoroughly apply the powder all over your feet and evenly on the soles, do not forget the area in between your toes and you will notice a tremendous difference. It worked for me, someone who has struggled with the problem of stinking feet for years”

Stop stinking up the whole house! This is the best powder for sweaty feet.

“My son, who is now 25 years old, has had sweaty, incredibly stinky feet for years. We have tried everything from Epsom salt soaks, hydrogen peroxide, all sorts of antifungals, apple cider vinegar, shoe dryer, changing shoes, buying new shoes, constantly buying new socks, bleaching socks…the list goes on and on. His feet were always pitted and had a thick layer of what looked like dead skin. The smell was so horrible he could stink up the entire house! We had to keep his shoes in the dryer in the garage (which stunk) and his socks went directly into a bucket of bleach water after he took them off. His feet stink embedded the carpet and ever the wood floor.

I bought 3 (to get free shipping). He tried it once and said his feet felt better at the end of the day. When he took his shoes off the stink had diminished and his feet didn’t have that wet, white, thick dead skin look to them. The powder still showed on his feet like it had dried them. His father and I are both incredibly excited that this is going to work. The poor guy couldn’t take his shoes off anywhere. There is hope! Halleluia!!!”

Get rid of smelly feet Guarantee

We’re so confident On Your Toes, the best product for smelly feet & shoes, will last at least SIX months, we’ll gladly refund you money with your proof of purchase if it doesn’t!

We haven’t had to refund anyone yet!