How to Stop Foot Odor

with One Simple Safe Treatment

Second-Generation Family-Run Business

When you buy On Your Toes foot deodorant powder, you’re supporting a family-run business and not some money-loving conglomerate or fly-by-night companies that take your money and run!

We noticed a real problem with all the other foot odor treatments sold over the counter in grocery stores or pharmacies. None of them worked!

We care about our customers. We don’t want you to waste your money on other companies that leave you with empty promises!

That’s why we created the best foot powder for smelly feet and shoes. One powerful and purist ingredient destroys odor-causing bacteria fast!

For 40 years our foot odor treatment has been the #1 Podiatrist recommended because it's patient verified.

It’s the best foot powder for sweaty feet in the USA.

Whereas other foot powders mix ingredients and reduce effectiveness. On Your Toes foot deodorant powder is made from the purist form of a microfine version of a USP-certified natural ingredient.

This natural ingredient is known for its healing properties. It is safe for sensitive skin. It has a powerful active ingredient that kills the bacteria causing smelly feet and shoes.

One foot deodorizing treatment of this unique, powerful foot odor treatment stops foot odor for up to six months.

Worth its weight in gold! The best foot odor powder!

“This stuff is worth it’s weight in gold. I have the absolute worst foot funk smell imaginable. Seriously, a laboratory could probably weaponize the smell. One application of this stuff, and within a couple days the odor is GONE. Yes, GONE!! For months! I’m pretty hard on my boots, so I usually only get about 9 months out of a pair, so I put in one initial application when I get new boots, then 5 to 6 months later they start stinking again. Another application and poof! Gone! It absolutely destroys the odor. No more washing my feet with boiling gasoline. It’s great.”

“Got rid of food odor almost immediately.”

“I have never written a review calling a product life changing or a miracle, but this is. I have always had problems with foot odors, since I was a kid, despite washing my feet 1 to 2 times per day. I got my first pair of really expensive LaDuca dance shoes and was dreading ruining them. Tried this the first time I wore the shoes and for several days after, applying with a makeup brush. My shoes never smelled, my feet stopped smelling, and the benefits lasted for YEARS before I had to apply it again. Seriously, amazing. I don’t dread taking my shoes off in front of others anymore. Years later, my LaDucas are odor free.”

“No more embarrassing foot & Shoe Odor” Guarantee

We’re so confident On Your Toes, the best product for smelly feet & shoes, will last at least SIX months, we’ll gladly refund you money with your proof of purchase if it doesn’t!

We haven’t had to refund anyone yet!