A man has been praised for the clever and humorous revenge he took on a fellow plane passenger who removed his shoes during a flight, filling the cabin with a foul odor. The man was traveling from Pittsburgh to San Francisco when the individual sitting next to him removed his shoes, releasing a strong scent of sweat. The man was initially at a loss for what to do, but instead of confronting the individual or complaining to the flight crew, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He explained that he sat and brooded for a while before coming up with a plan. He decided to purchase a small bottle of liquid shoe freshener and sprayed it liberally in the vicinity of the offender’s feet. The individual was not aware of what was happening, but the entire cabin was quickly filled with the fresh scent of the shoe freshener, masking the offensive odor.

The man documented his actions and shared the story on social media, where it quickly gained widespread attention. People praised him for his creative and humorous approach to the situation, and many related to the unpleasant experience of having to endure a foul odor on a long flight.

This incident serves as a reminder that there are often creative ways to handle difficult situations and that humor can sometimes be the best form of retaliation. Whether you’re dealing with stinky feet on a plane or a persistent thief stealing packages from your porch, there are always innovative ways to find a solution.

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